As much as 3 million kilos of raw materials worth 2.7 million - all about import duties

Posted by Marcel van Leeuwen on June 03, 2022 · 3 mins read

Imagine… you want to import raw materials from South Korea into the EU with final destination Lithuania as a Swiss company. From now on, RCS will take you through one of the many cases we deal with on a monthly basis.

Situation analysis

Before we start working as customs forwarders, we first analyse the situation. Which goods are imported from South Korea? What is the commodity code? Does the importer have a VAT number despite the fact that he is not established in the EU and which legislation is applicable? Once this has been mapped out, we start working on the import declaration.

This case concerns 3 million kilos of mono ethylene glycol, a raw material for plastic. The final destination of the goods is Lithuania. The ship that departed from South Korea was so large that it could not reach Lithuania. The solution? In Rotterdam, the goods were transferred to a smaller ship, after which it left for Lithuania. All this was possible because the Swiss company has a NL VAT number and a company acts as their general fiscal representative.

RCS in action

From the moment the ship docked in the port of Rotterdam, RCS’s work began and the goods could be cleared through customs. We prepare the import declaration and ensure that the general fiscal representative is provided with the correct data to handle the VAT returns on behalf of the Swiss company. Because Lithuania is part of the European Union, it is possible to clear the goods in the Netherlands. The T2L document ensures free passage through the EU. The T2L document shows the status of the goods so that in Lithuania it is clear that an import declaration has already taken place in the EU.

General Fiscal Representation

If your company is not established in the EU but you would still like to be able to trade goods freely to your customers. RCS can put you in touch with a reputable service provider who can set up your company for VAT by applying for a NL VAT number and take care of your monthly VAT administration. In combination with taking care of the customs declarations, you can rest assured that your process will be completely correct.

Are there many things different than clearing a single container? No! The steps are the same despite the fact that such large quantities and a large ship are involved.

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Marcel van Leeuwen was there from day 1 – he experienced all the challenges that Brexit brought and took all the colleagues by the hand in the joint efforts that were made. Marcel also has a long number of Years of experience especially in the Fresh Produce sector as declarant. First at Amsterdam Airport, later with a Transport Organisation and the last 4 Years with LBP Rotterdam BV as senior declarant. At RCS Marcel is the Operations Manager managing the day-to-day business.

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