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Product and raw materials that contribute to deforestation must, from December 2024, comply with new rules.

Companies must proof that their products, such as palm oil and soya, are deforestation-free.

This applies for imports to EU and exports from EU but also for production in the EU itself. These new rules must prevent deforestation further and reduce greenhouse gases.

Deforestation means that trees and woods are cut down for agricultural reasons. Wood deforestation means that wild bushes are replaced by planted forests or agricultural land. When this is done, biodiversity and forest quality are reduced.

EU wants to reduce the impact on deforestation and forest reductions. Hence the reason why they have implemented more requirements for the importation of these products from all over the World. But also for its production of these in EU itself and the exportation thereof.

Which products may not be imported in the EU from December 30, 2024, if originating from soil that is deforested after December 31st 2020 ?

  • Palm oil
  • Cattle Products
  • waste thereof - Skins
  • wood
  • cacao
  • Soya
  • Coffee (beans) and rubber.

Also products that are made of these raw materials are forbidden :

  • Leather
  • Chocolate
  • Paper and Carton, Furniture and Tyres

What must you as company do to meet the requirements : Collect information about the origin of the the products as well as about the producers or traders in the chain. Provide Customs with the appropriate documentation and declarations

May we also ask you all to check the below website to see how it can possibly impact your business.

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