About Rotterdam Customs Services

In the world of Customs declarations it is all about knowledge. Knowledge of import- and export processes, EU-legislation and of course all the associated certifications. At Rotterdam Customs Services all of our colleagues have a shared passion for the above. We are experts who find personal contact very important. You can quickly disappear in the world of Customs and we are there to point you in the right direction. Sometimes with advice and sometimes to take all the issues out of your hands.

Rotterdam Customs Services was founded in 2020 and processes thousands of customs declarations per month for principals in but also from outside the European Union.

Rotterdam Customs Services helps importers en exporters with :

  • Taking care of your import- export or transit declarations
  • Advance duties and taxes to Customs on your behalf
  • Risk analyses of your shipments
  • Setting up and organizing your administration for import and export of goods
  • Support with physical customs inspections
  • Support with questions and reporting from Customs or other Authorities

Marcel Van Leeuwen

+31 (0) 174 351 502

[email protected]

About Marcel

Rotterdam Customs Services BV has it all, friendly but also very experienced colleagues to assist you.