From AGS to DMS

what will change?

During 2023, every importer or exporter must switch to the new system DMS when making customs declarations. This will entail some changes.

What is DMS?

DMS is the new declaration system of Dutch customs. It is the replacement for AGS, short for declaration system. DMS stands for the Customs Declarations Management System. From 1 July 2023 at the latest, everyone must be connected to the new system.

What does the transition mean?

If you currently file declarations via AGS, that is going to change. From now on, you will have to file declarations via DMS 4.0 or DMS 4.1, the new system. This transition means that, as an organisation, you will need an adapted software package. But more preparation is needed. Especially if you file the declaration yourself, it is important to master the new system. Do you outsource the declaration? Then discuss carefully with your customs representative what information needs to be exchanged.

What can you expect?

With DMS, the declarant needs to fill in more information than with AGS. In addition to European data, national data are also requested. Also, in an import declaration, the exporter must be mentioned, for example. Customs has approached all relevant companies to plan their migration to the new system. Divided into groups from relatively simple declarations to companies dealing with complicated declarations, each company has been assigned a time period. It is therefore important to discuss the transition with your customs representative and software supplier in good time.

What are the benefits of DMS?

The new system is based on European legislation. This allows EU member states to communicate better with each other. Since 1 May 2016, there has been new legislation in the Union Customs Code (DWU). It requires all declaration data to be exchanged electronically. Not all customs systems meet this requirement, which is why the new system DMS was developed.

Need help?

Questions about DMS? Or do you need help switching to the new system? Then Rotterdam Customs Services B.V. is ready to help you. Our experts have all the necessary knowledge about system implementation and are up to date with the latest changes in legislation.