Import of veterinary goods

When importing products such as meat and fish, as well as other animal products, checks must be carried out to assess whether these products do not pose a health risk. This involves a special veterinary declaration. What does it involve?

What are veterinary goods?

Veterinary goods mean all products of animal origin. These can be live animals, meat, fish, but also dairy products, dung pellets, dog and cat food or spices. All these goods have to be checked by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) when entering the EU. Besides an import declaration, an application for inspection must also be made.

What is a GGB document?

GGB stands for Common Health Entry Document. For each shipment, this document must be submitted through the NVWA’s national systems. After submitting the GGB, you will be informed of the checks carried out and the decision on admission. If the consignment meets the health requirements of the destination country, a veterinary certificate will be issued.

What is a veterinary inspection?

The inspection of veterinary products should be done at the first point of entry into the EU. This is to establish that animals and products do not pose a health risk. The goods must be notified to the NVWA at least one working day before their expected arrival. The veterinary check consists of three parts:

  • Document check: this involves customs assessing whether the health certificate is original, meets EU requirements and which country and company it comes from.
  • Conformity check: it establishes whether the information on the veterinary document matches the consignment.
  • Physical check: a physical check takes place in prescribed cases. A package can be opened to check the smell, colour, consistency and other specific properties of the product. How are live animals checked? With live animals, the NVWA veterinarian checks the health of the animals. The doctor checks the physical condition and welfare of the animals.

Need help with your veterinary declaration?

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