Export declarations

International trade offers opportunities for growth but is also bound by laws and regulations.

When exporting to countries outside of the EU one require to do an export Customs declaration.The 0% BTW tariff applies but only when there is proof that the shipment has actually left the EU.

Rotterdam Customs Services can take this whole process out of your hands and take care of a smooth export flow. We actually live in a world in which trade agreements change almost every single day. Besides export customs checks we can also assist with quality-, phyto sanitary and veterinary controls so you may expect that the paperwork is made up in a correct manner and the goods will arrive at their destination.

We have developed our own export portal system with which we can receive your data efficiently not only to process the correct export declaration but also to use the date in the country of destination. As a result the whole export process is digitalized. We still also maintain the options to do manual declarations and process these via our systems.

Customs matters and export declarations

When exporting goods one has to do with different kinds of laws and regulations. The luxury of a unit trade culture as we have in the EU does not apply for other countries and continents outside of the EU.

Preparing the correct documentation is ‘a must’ to avoid delays of delivery. Without an export customs declaration it is not possible to trade outside the EU.

Speed of export declaration

Rotterdam Customs Services offers many possibilities to digitalize the export process.

It is an option to manually feed our export portal but we can also connect our systems so we can exchange data via xml. Human error can be minimized and it saves unneeded emails. Our IT team is available to discuss the options.

More about digitization

Making your own export declaration or outsource

Changing laws and regulations makes it hard and time-consuming for exporters to carry out the whole administrative side of the export process. The knowhow of how to do that is also often lacking as a result of which it is not profitable for most exporters to take care of these declarations themselves.

Most of the exporters outsource this to the professionals. Rotterdam Customs Services BV can advise you about the whole process. Our excellent contacts with Dutch Customs makes it that we can act adequately and make sure that all the processes are done in accordance with the latest regulations. That will ultimately lead to an efficient process without delays.

Rotterdam Customs Services can assist you with

  • Making the export customs declarations as per the latest regulations
  • Risk assessment of your shipments
  • Arrange for all export paperwork that is needed
  • Advice about the whole export process
  • Support at Physical Controles
  • Assistance with questions or reports of Customs

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