Import Declaration

When shipments from so called third countries and imported in an EU country, all sorts of import formalities are applicable. We take care of the correct documentation, we support the physical checks and act as central point of contact, Rotterdam Customs Services BV helps companies to successfully import goods from all over the World. Our experts are aware of the whole import process and who exactly how to make an import declaration in a correct manner. They know the correct HS / TARIC codes and check, based on these codes, what further obligations need to be adhered to complete a successful importation. Phyto-sanitary regulations. But our experts can also advise you what incoterms to best use and how to make your import process more efficient.

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What is a HS code/ TARIC code?

A HS code, or TARIC code, is a code of 6 digits that are used globally for the importation and exportation of goods. In Netherlands we call these GS-codes. For exports EU countries use 8 digit-codes and for imports a 10-digit code used ( HS code supplemented with 2 – resp. 4 digits)

How to calculate the correct customs value

Rotterdam Customs Services can assist with the whole import process and to bring your goods into free circulation in the EU in accordance with the correct laws and regulations. Before a declaration is send to Customs, we always thoroughly check if all required paperwork (document – certificates) is present to avoid unnecessary delays. We know the correct codes and we calculate the import costs based on the customs value. When the dues are paid, the goods will be released by Customs. When goods are selected for physical inspection, than we assist to minimize the delays as much as possible so the goods can continue their journey as soon as possible.

The European Union have trade agreements with many countries as a result of which preferences may apply when importing from these countries. Our colleagues can support you with practical questions or uncertainties about this where you, as importer, can be faced with.

Use of the correct conditions/ Incoterms®

The use of the correct incoterms® is intended to apply for risk management in the international trade. It is about making the correct choices. Our experts can advise you about choosing the correct trade conditions for the shipments.


Rotterdam Customs Services can be your indirect- or your direct representative taking care of your customs declarations. For these capabilities you best contact one of our colleagues.

Speed at declaration

Rotterdam Customs Services offers possibilities to further optimize digitizing import processes. We can read csv.files but you may also think of delivery of your content via xml. We may prevent human error and it saves enormous email exchange. For these possibilities we have our own IT team that can inform you about the many options.

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Do the import declaration yourself or outsource ?

Keeping up with the changing laws and regulations makes it difficult, if not almost impossible, for importers to keep track of the administrative side of the import process. Also the basic know how of how to do the customs declarations is often missing. For many importers it is not profitable to carry out their own import declarations The majority of the importers outsource customs declarations to the professionals. We can advise you about the whole process and how to follow the existing laws- and regulations. As a result of our excellent contacts with Customs we can act adequately and make sure all the import declarations are carried out in accordance with the latest regulations, without unnecessary delays.

Rotterdam Customs Services can assist with :

  • Making the correct import declaration as per the latest laws and regulations
  • Making risk assessments of your shipments
  • Advancing import duties and BTW (VAT) to Customs on your behalf.
  • Advice about the whole import process
  • Support with Physical Inspections
  • Support with questions or reports from Customs Authorities.

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