Limited Fiscal representation

Fiscal Representation at import into the European Union

When Foreign Companies are importing or carrying out other Economical activities in the Netherlands, they need to adhere to the Administrative rulings concerning the Dutch BTW (VAT).

This import tax (BTW) ( 21% for most products) must be paid at the moment of importation and can be a burden on the cash flow of the company. With an Art. 23 deferment agreement, the tax (BTW) is deferred to the tax (BTW) declaration and can be deducted in the same declaration. That can lead to considerable financial space.

No Dutch BTW number but interested in fiscal advantage

Importing goods into the EU via the Netherlands, but you have no entity in Netherlands ? Rotterdam Customs Services can act as your fiscal representative and take over the tax (BTW) obligations. We have a Permit Limited Fiscal Representation. With this you may also benefit from these fiscal advantages.

Besides the customs declarations we take care that your tax-(BTW) declaration is done in a timely manner. We keep control in our administration, declare ICP (intra-community-performance) and declare the statistics of it (Intrastat) to CBS, Dutch Statistics Bureau.

For the options, please contact one of the colleagues

The advantages of Fiscal Representation:

  • No need to have a Dutch registration nor a Dutch entity
  • No tax-(BTW) administration
  • Delay of tax (BTW) payment possible
  • Healthy cash flow
  • Rotterdam Customs Services takes care of import clearance, tax-(BTW)- administration and statistical reporting.

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