Transit documentation : delay import clearance


Goods coming in from countries outside of the EU may not be freely traded until the moment all obligations such as payment of import duties- or taxes have been adhered to. Or, until the moment quality inspections of different nature ( such as Food & Health ) have been carried out. Sometimes it is attractive to delay the clearance until the moment that you are actually trading. Maybe for financial reasons or otherwise. A transit document T 1 can be the solution. A document T 1 is required for transport under customs supervision ( in bond).

A customs document T 1 is needed :

  • Goods coming into the EU but without a definite final destination
  • Goods that are moved to a customs-bonded – storage facility
  • Goods that are being (on-) carried from a bonded storage facility

Rotterdam Customs Services can inform you about the advantages and arrange the declarations.


Within the EU there is a free movement of goods. When goods are moved within the countries of the EU a customs declaration is not needed. Import duties do not apply. But not all European countries are a member of the EU. The moment goods are moved over non-EU countries territories, such as the United Kingdom or EVA-countries, a T 2 needs to be made up.

Same as with exports to an EVA country (such as Norway or Switzerland ) the goods need to be accompanied by an export declaration and T 2 document to proof that it concerns EU goods.

Rotterdam Customs Services can issue this T 2 document for the transit to or through these countries.

For more information please ask our colleagues.

Rotterdam Customs Services can assist with :

  • Making the correct export transit declaration in accordance with current laws and regulations
  • Make risk assessments of your shipments
  • Advice about the transit process
  • Support with questions and reporting of Customs

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