Transit declarations - T1 / T2

Goods that come from outside the EU or have not yet been released for free circulation cannot be traded freely. These goods must first be declared to customs for import so that any import duties, VAT and control duties have been carried out. Sometimes clearing customs at the moment you are going to trade the goods is an attractive choice, for example because it provides a liquidity advantage. A T1 transit document then offers a solution. Because for goods covered by transit, a T1 document is required.

A T1 transit document is required when:

  • Goods are entering the EU and you do not yet know whether they will actually stay in EU territory.
  • Goods entering the EU for storage in a customs warehouse
  • Outgoing shipments are sent from your customs warehouse Rotterdam Customs Services B.V. can tell you exactly where the benefits lie for you and take care of your NCTS declarations.

Throughout the EU with a T2 document

Within the EU there is a free movement of goods. If the goods come from another EU member state, there is no need to arrange an import declaration with Customs. Import duties do not apply, but not all countries in Europe are part of the EU. As soon as goods cross territory of a non-EU country during transport, such as Switzerland or another EFTA country, we can arrange a T2 document for you.

Also when exporting to an EFTA country, it is necessary to accompany the goods with an export declaration and T2 document to prove that they are Union goods. With the T2 document, the goods can be declared in the country of destination.

Need a T1/T2 document?

Take advantage of customs opportunities by using the transit procedure. Rotterdam Customs Services BV can advise you to postpone import duties and VAT for a longer period of time or prevent them from being paid wrongly. Moreover, this offers more flexibility for the logistics chain. From advice on the advantages for you, to preparing the transit declaration. This ensures that all customs obligations are dealt with quickly and properly.

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